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Josh's Murder Mystery

A fun little project.

Super Heist

The latest release from Pahl Software

Let Me Survive

Let Me Survive

A remake of the first game I published, Let Me Survive pits the player off against waves of the undead in an arena shooter that calls back to games like DOOM and Call Of Duty Zombies.

Cube Dude

Cube Dude

In CUBE DUDE you get put into the living room of a past long gone. In front of the TV with nothing but a game to finish, and a cheat device. Through REVOLUTIONARY design the BUGATRON is able to change code from within the game cartridge to allow you the ability to WIN through INTENTIONAL BUGS.

“The game is really good! I love the game mechanic a lot! Also the graphics are good and it's fun to play, I recommend everyone testing it, good job” -EnzoUP

Impossible Car Game

Impossible Car Game

Impossible Car Game is a game that puts the player onto an infinite race track full of obstacles and challenges the player to survive as long as possible. This version also had a multiplayer arena mode that challenged players to push other players off a floating track. The game was originally made for Ludum Dare 41.

“I liked the humor, the quips after dying and the tutorial were fun. Oh, and the premise, the title is what originally made me interested in your game. Cool idea.” - CaptainDreamcast

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